A brake problem can result in a serious accident, so it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your brakes. If you've noticed your brakes squeaking, squealing, grinding or vibrating, it's time to schedule mobile brake services from Brakes On The Go. We'll come to your location and repair your brakes so you can get back on the road with confidence. We offer a wide variety of brake services, including: Brake system flushes Front brake pad replacements Rear brake pad replacements Rotor replacements Tire rotations Contact us today to arrange for mobile brake repairs in the Meridian, ID area.

Count on us when you need coolant services in Meridian, ID

Summers can be scorching in the Treasure Valley area, and that can be hard on your car's engine. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the hottest months of the year by scheduling coolant services from Brakes On The Go in Meridian, ID. Our expert technicians will drain and refill your vehicle's cooling system with antifreeze so you can be confident in your car's operation. Plus, we'll check your radiator and cooling system to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Stop by today to find out if your car needs a coolant fluid exchange or radiator services.

3 signs you should have your cooling system inspected

3 signs you should have your cooling system inspected

Not sure if your cooling system has problems? You probably need a coolant fluid exchange if you notice:

  • The temperature gauge reads hotter than normal.
  • There's coolant leaking under your vehicle.
  • It's unusually hot under the hood of your car.

Don't let your engine overheat and result in a big repair bill. Instead, call 208-407-6004 now to schedule coolant services.