So You Locked Yourself Out of Your Car...What Now?

Find a company that handles lock outs in all the Treasure Valley

Locking yourself out of your vehicle is an annoying and embarrassing situation. Getting expert vehicle lock out service will save you time and frustration. Brakes On The Go helps vehicle owners deal with lock outs in all the Treasure Valley. We use specialized equipment to unlock your car in a safe way. You can also trust us to unlock keyless cars.

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Quick and professionallock-out service

Quick and professional
lock-out service

If you try to handle lock outs on your own, you may harm your vehicle or attract attention from law enforcement. When you pick us for lock-out service, we will:

Avoid damaging your car in the process
Use a wedge and rod to open your door safely
Arrive as quickly as possible to get you on your way

Whether your car is manual or automatic, our method will work flawlessly. Call us today at (208) 407-6004 for immediate assistance.